Fall Show 2019

The Fall show was held November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We have some photos of the event in case you were not able to get there.

Before we get to the the photographs, here are the award winners:

The Best of Show award went to:

Artist Title Medium
Danielle Wager Corner Shrine Oil

The Mary Saija Award went to:

Artist Title Medium
Cambia Davis Old Growth, New Growth Watercolor

The popular award went to:

Artist Title Medium
Richard Corbett Renewed Love, Renewed Life Graphite

Award Artist Title
Oil 1st Prize Lynne Cassinari Musee D'Orsday Time
Oil 2nd Prize Walter Osterberg Roses Bloom at Steven Coolidge
Oil 3rd Prize Magdalena Wroblewski Inner Goddess

Award Artist Title
Watercolor 1st Prize Susan McFarlane Boston Common
Watercolor 2nd Prize Joan Betty The Oil Can
Watercolor 3rd Prize Audrey Dipillo Winter Interlude

Award Artist Title
Acrylic 1st Prize Alan Burns H.R.H Moe
Acrylic 2nd Prize Charlotte Liu Joyce’s Love, JD
Acrylic 3rd Prize Beverly Cook Wolf

Award Artist Title
Photography 1st Prize Meg Robertson Sunrise Wonder
Photography 2nd Prize Maryellen Stone Tenderness
Photography 3rd Prize Kenan Cooper Frog’s Eye

Award Artist Title
Mixed Media 1st Prize Richard Corbett Renewed Love, Renewed Life
Mixed Media 2nd Prize Carol Galayda Koi Fish (I)
Mixed Media 3rd Prize Charleen McGlame To Thine Ownself Be True

Award Artist Title
Award of Excellence Jeannette Corbett Rapture (Oil)
Award of Excellence Christine Loomis Fishermen of Chappaquiddick (Watercolor)
Award of Excellence Ruth Camber View from San Gimignano (Oil)

And now, on to the photographs.


In the continuing celebration of our 60th year, we ate another cake.


We put up the RAA History display again.


The Mini Art Sale was there as usual


Lexie's Card Table


Lots of paintings


Friends chatting


Stepping back


Lexie's flowers were amazing.










Susan and Joan






Best of Show with Danielle

Here are the bios of the judges

Karla Cook

"If you paint what you love, people will love what you paint." I believe that the inclusion of animals in our homes serves to enhance our humanity and allows us to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. For my entire life, I have been surrounded by a menagerie: Cats, dogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, birds, mice and fish have all at one time or another inhabited my heart and my home. I have found that using my love of animals with my love of painting makes for a winning combination. With each animal I paint, I attempt to bring that animal's personality through the painting to the viewer. My greatest success is seeing a smile flash across someone's face when they look at my paintings.

I live in Andover, MA with my husband, three sons, two Italian Greyhounds, a variety of foster bunnies, and Stuart the Wondercat. For years I had been a successful fiber artist, creating and teaching, knitting, spinning, felting, and quilting. Nothing quieted an insistent muse until I accepted a challenge by my oldest son and discovered painting.

Nella Lush

Nella works with intuition and experience and never following a formula, she brings together the alchemy of materials, classical forms and the appearance of centuries of aging in all of her paintings, whether it is an abstract, a fresco, a floral, a figurative or even her mixed media on paper.

She works in series and mainly with oils and uses cold wax as a medium often adding marble dust and pumice to create more texture and depth.

Nella is very active in the art communities and an avid volunteer of many organizations. She served for two terms as the President of the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Women Artists, NYC.

She is a board member of the Rockport Art Association and Museum and the founder of the Experimental Group of RAA. The mission of the group is to foster, promote and encourage self expression by giving the opportunity to artists to come together, to explore and share ideas towards the creative freedom.

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