Annual Dinner Meeting 2010

The annual dinner meeting this year was Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at The Hillview in North Reading.

Our speaker this year was Robert Pyle, who showed us some of his photography and the equipment he uses to create it.

Surf Turf

The place settings indicated what we had ordered for dinner. Surf or turf?

Charter Members

We had two charter members of RAA in attendance this year.
Natalie (center) came with her husband Bob.
Arthur (in the foreground) came with his wife Lorna .
Well, that is the back of Arthur's head anyway.

Charter Members

Here is a better photo of Arthur, on the right.

Pres & Speaker

This is our President, Jeannette (in yellow)
and our speaker Bob Pyle sitting next to her.

Crowd Crowd
Crowd Crowd

The usual crowd of RAA members were in attendance.


While we ate dinner, we were treated to this spectacular sunset.


Bob showed us the camera equipment he uses for his B&W photography.
The camera is new, but the techniques are traditional.
This camera is the old style bellows camera with the
ground glass viewing surface on the back.


The film is in a carrier that is inserted in the back.
The negatives are made on large format sheets of film.


Bob also uses a pinhole camera, seen here.
The photograph on the easel was taken using the pinhole camera.

Olson House

Here Bob discusses a photograph he took in the Olson House
in Cushing, Maine. That window is in one of Andrew Wyeth's
paintings of the house. The window overlooks Wiley Cove.

For more information about Bob Pyle and his work, visit his web site: www.robertpyle.com

With the Annual Dinner Meeting we end another season for Reading Art Association. Good friends, good food, and an interesting presentation. And we enjoyed a beautiful sunset as well. See you all next year.

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