March 2006 Demonstration

The demonstrator for the March demo was Cameron Bennett. The title of his demo was "Impressionistic Portrait Drawing".

The meeting was held in the Guild Hall at the First Congregational Church of Reading (middle side door) at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 8th.

We have some photographs of the event in case you could not make it there in person. You can click on any of the images on this page to view a larger version of it. Then, use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.


Cameron began by pointing out the importance of lighting.
Good lighting on the subject is key to providing well defined
shadows and highlights. They give substance to the forms.
In this photo Cameron points out the sharp edges to look for.


He began by blocking in the basic forms of the drawing.

More detail

In this photo you can see that he has added more of the basic
shapes to the drawing and refined it quite a bit.

Sight Size

Cameron used a technique called "Sight Size" in this demo.
He placed the paper so that it appears to be very close to the subject.
This allows him to draw the subject at the same visible size on
the paper as he sees her while looking just to the right of the easel.
Notice how the drawing and the subject appear to be the same size.


Adding in a few details makes the portrait look professional.


Here is the finished portrait.

Cameron Bennett, a native of Brooklyn, NY, was instructed in art by his parents, both of them artists. His formal art instruction began at the Baltimore School for the Arts, a specialized high school, and continued at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Maryland Institute College of Art, and the Massachusetts College of Art, where he received his BFA in Illustration. After graduation he held various jobs as a painting-conservator's assistant, quick-sketch portrait artist, caricature artist, and caster of plaster art objects.

Cameron lives in Manchester, NH, having studied there for four years under Paul Ingbretson. His goal was to hone his ability to make highly finished drawings and paintings from life. "The artist should be the camera" is one of his mottoes. He works as an illustrator for local papers, does portraits, and teaches.

Cameron's demonstration will be about drawing based on the "visual order," letting lights and darks lead rather than lines. He will do a head study from life. As he works, he will talk about the differences between "academic" and "impressionistic."

This will be an enlightening evening, and refreshments will be served. Don't miss it! Bring some friends.

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