January 2006 Demonstration

The demonstrator for the January demo was Caleb Stone. He did a demonstration in oil painting.

The meeting was held in the Guild Hall at the First Congregational Church of Reading (middle side door) at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 11th.

We have some photographs of the event in case you could not make it there in person. You can click on any of the images on this page to view a larger version of it. Then, use the Back button on your browser to return to this page.


Caleb used a slide projected on a screen for his reference image.
He started by roughing in the primary shapes.
He draws with his brush, not a pencil or charcoal.


In this photo you can see that he has roughed in the basic shapes
of the trees in the backgound. The light fisherman in the center
is defined by the darker color of the bushes that surround him.


You can see Caleb's setup with the projector and screen in this photo.

Blocked in

The big shapes in the painting are mostly blocked in.
Notice the reflection. Caleb says, "The reflection retains its
identity, but loses its intensity". The dark colors are lighter
in the reflection, and the light colors are darker.


The painting is farther along now. You can see the sketch
that he used sitting on the easel. He made that sketch after he
set up and while waiting for the demonstration to start.

Dark areas

Here he is defining the light areas of the background by surrounding them
with darks. There is little detail in the background because it should
support the center of interest and not detract from it.


Here is the finished painting.

Caleb Stone

Caleb Stone was born in Rockport, MA, in 1966, where he began drawing at age four, painting at seven, and attending professional artists' workshops by the time he was twelve. During high school in Kennebunk he was involved in a work-study program painting on location, studying with internationally known artist Don Stone. After graduating in 1985, he attended Lyme Academy of Fine Arts in Connecticut, which he attended through the spring of 1990. During that time he was invited to serve for one semester as "Artist in Residence" at the elegant Juniper Hill Inn in Windsor, Vermont. Caleb is a representational-impressionist painter focusing on landscapes and marine scenes. He works primarily in oil but also in watercolor and pastel. He focuses on painting scenes throughout the New England area. He offers tutoring classes weekly and holds up to four weeklong workshops annually. Additionally he performs frequent demonstrations for art associations throughout eastern Massachusetts.

He is a member of the Rockport Art Assn., The Copley Society, the North Shore Art Assn. and the Academic Artists Assn. of Springfield, MA. He has received the "New England Heritage Award - Oil" from the Academic Artists Assn., the "Wood Award for Excellence in Watercolor" from the Rockport Art Assn., and the "John Stobart Fellowship Award" from Lyme Academy of Fine Arts.

Caleb's work is featured in the July 2005 "Cottage Living" magazine; "The Boston Globe Magazine" on May 22, 2005; "The Art of Monhegan Island" published in 2004; the 2003 "Maine: Boats and Harbors" magazine; and "Best of Watercolor: Painting Light and Shadow" and "Best of Watercolor: Painting Color," 1997. His work has appeared in many galleries on the East Coast and in Puerto Rico.

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