Spring Show 2015

The Spring Show this year featured flowers from the Reading Garden Club since we all need some flowers after that long Winter.

Before we get to the photographs, here are the award winners:

The Best of Show award went to:

Artist Title Medium
Jeannette Corbett Red Hot! Watercolor

The popular award went to:

Artist Title Medium
Leda Sullivan Portrait of Oliver Oil

The Mary Saija Memorial Award went to:

Artist Title Medium
Ginger Greenblatt Fish Beach Monhegan Oil

Award Artist Title
Oil 1st Prize Anne Marie Cardossi Wayside Pond
Oil 2nd Prize Grace Cherwek Rollin In
Oil 3rd Prize Jeannette Corbett Evening Light, Tuscany

Award Artist Title
Watercolor 1st Prize Florence Como A Good Night for a Movie
Watercolor 2nd Prize Mary Remillong Lancaster Spring
Watercolor 3rd Prize Audrey DiPillo Out of the Mist

Award Artist Title
Acrylic 1st Prize William Marty Marshall Dunkies
Acrylic 2nd Prize Trisha Kurdzionak Dirt Road in Winter
Acrylic 3rd Prize Brian Kimerer Great Island Pine Forest

Award Artist Title
Photography 1st Prize Jack Welsh Evening On Venice
Photography 2nd Prize Monica Carroll The Chair
Photography 3rd Prize Jean Prato Una Nucua Giorno

Award Artist Title
Mixed Media 1st Prize Ruth Mowder Free Style
Mixed Media 2nd Prize Ginger Greenblatt Our Lady of Good Voyage
Mixed Media 3rd Prize Xinshi Ye Portrait of a Farmer

Award Artist Title
Award of Excellence Mary Remillong Repairing the Friendship (Watercolor)
Award of Excellence Kathleen Connors Seaside Glow (Watercolor)
Award of Excellence Mary Kelly Open Invitation (Watercolor)

The winner of the painting by Trish Kurdzionak that was raffled was Charlotte Harlan

Here are the photos of the event in case you could not make it there in person. To see a larger version of a photo, just click on it and then use the Back button on your browser to come back to this page.

Once again this year we joined with the Reading Garden Club to create an Art and Bloom display. The members of the Garden Club created arrangements that echo the shapes and colors of some RAA artists paintings. A great job was done by both.

A great job done by all.

Small Treasures

We had the Small Treasures sale again.

There was good attendance on Friday evening.

Here are some photographs of the ribbon winners.

Congratulations to the winners.

Lucinda and Dan

And the music was provided by Lucinda and Dan

Here are the bios of the judges

Christopher Volpe

"Facts become art through love", wrote the art historian Kenneth Clark.

I see painting as a lens for exploring perception and viewing the world through feeling. Increasingly, my paintings seem to be about the tension created between looking and responding to the world - questions of perception, subjectivity, and representation. Yet it is always also about a state of mind - something purely non-rational and intuitive.

Painting bounces between the thrill of the medium of paint, the challenge of responding authentically to the world and to the painting in progress, and mindfulness of the history and traditions of western art.

I paint on site, en plein air and from life, to absorb sensations and a visual vocabulary of place that later in the studio I try to draw upon with greater freedom of expression. More than anything else, I aspire to be a brilliant composer.

With a graduate degree in poetry, I taught college English and art history for several years before falling in love with American landscape painting and becoming a professional artist. Drawing on that background, my work begins in mood and emotion, encompassing Tonalism and extending to abstraction through a contemporary sensibility.

I teach studio and plein-air workshops and classes from my studio in Lowell, Mass (Western Avenue Studios, #521) and write for several arts and humanities blogs as well as the magazine Art New England.

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